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Frato Waste Systems Roll Off Dumpster Waiver

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Terms & Conditions Waiver

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1.There are weight limits for each dumpster size, if you are over the included weight limit, you will incur additional prorated charges. Additional cost per ton will apply at a rate of $65 per ton for MSW and $35 per ton for C&D. Please call our office if you are uncertain of the weight limit. 

1.A In addition if a C&D load contains MSW or a BRICK, BLOCK, CONCRETE, YARD WASTE, DIRT OR ROOFING ONLY load contains C&D or MSW the load will be considered MIXED/CONTAMINATED and you will be charged the price for appropriate debris classification. Meaning your card will be charged automatically at the rental rate, additional tonnage price and appropriate weight limits for the newly classified debris. Applicable terms and conditions for new debris class will apply in accordance with our terms & conditions.

2.There is a rental period of 10 Days included in price unless otherwise noted. Additional rental days are $10.00 per day thereafter. We do not automatically pick up the container IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CALL FOR FOR PICK-UP. It is your responsibility to make sure driver has access to container upon pick up. If we arrive and are unable to access the container a Dry run Fee of $100.00 will be charged.

3.If you initially pay with a credit card, that same card will automatically be charged if extra charges are incurred. You are authorizing Frato Waste and its affiliates to charge your card automatically and waiving all rights to issue chargeback or dispute charges related to this service and any additional charges incurred after the service is performed for any reason. 

4.Frato Waste is not responsible for any damages (damage to pavement, driving surfaces, or other property) resulting from the weight of the truck, or placement of container. The container placement is up to the discretion of the driver and must be on a level surface with enough room to set down safely.

5.NO HAZARDOUS WASTE ALLOWED. Customer agrees no hazardous or toxic waste or material  (meaning any material not in compliance with federal, state, or local laws) will be placed in the dumpster. The following items are prohibited: NO solvents, NO tires, NO oils, NO batteries, NO gasoline, refrigeration & air conditioning units and asbestos. Tires are the responsibility of the customer. If any are found in the dumpster they will need to be removed on site by the customer.If the container is filled with an unacceptable material at the time of pick-up, Frato Waste has the right to dump on site. If Frato Waste in-cures charges as a result of any prohibited items found in your load we will automatically pass them on to you.

6.All containers should be loaded at water level to meet safety regulations and weight laws. Any containers over loaded will be off loaded by customer or at an additional cost of $100.00. Frato Waste will not remove any overloaded dumpsters and customer consents to Frato waste off loading on-site when necessary.

7.Any containers loaded with rock, concrete only, brick only, dirt only , or other heavy material should not exceed 15 yards (15” from the top of the container in a 20 yarder. Only 10 or 20 yard containers can be used for this material). FILL 3/4 FULL.

8.Any damage done to any and all containers or container components is the responsibility of the customer. Cost of repairing the container will be directly charged to the customer. Including new replacement of entire dumpster if necessary.


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